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Facing a Mortgagee Sale? It's not too late to save your hard earned equity!


A pending mortgagee sale will give you sleepless nights, untold stress, anguish and heartache if you don't get your pending mortgagee sale sorted...we are mortgagee sale experts in helping folks get out of a mortgagee sale and have saved 141 homes from mortgagee sale.

We understand repaying a mortgage for the next 25-30 years can have its ups and downs, even with the best of intentions things happen in life - sickness, job loss, large unexpected bills and now Covid-19 - managing your mortgage is an important part of home ownership. So if you get behind on your mortgage payments a mortgagee (bank/lender) could sell your home at mortgagee sale - if you don't take action.

So here's some helpful tips that may help to Stop a Mortgagee SaleMortgagee sales nz

Take Action - don't leave things and hope it will all come right...

If you know you may not be able to make your next mortgage payment talk to your mortgagee (bank/lender) as soon as possible, they may be able to help - if you contact them sooner rather than later. May be a mortgage repayment holiday will help. You may be able to apply for financial hardship but this generally has to be done before you get into mortgage arrears.


Steve is wonderful to work with as he took the time to listen to our concerns and never judged us even though we were in major financial trouble.... Wayne & Jo Hislop more


Already in Mortgage Arrears?
Again it's important to keep the lines of communication open with your mortgagee (bank/lender). Let them know that you're aware of the situation and want to get it resolved - lenders may be able to assist by allowing you to repay the mortgage arrears over time. In some cases you may be able to apply for financial hardship but this generally has to be done before you get into mortgage arrears.

If you're 3 months or more in mortgage arrears you may have received a DEMAND. Please DO NOT ignore this notice, contact your mortgagee (bank/lender) straight away. There will be an expiry date on the DEMAND which, if passed will mean the mortgagee (bank/lender) will issue a Property Law Act notice.


Property Law Act notice - PLA (Info on PLA >> more)
If you have been issued a Property Law Act notice (PLA) then the mortgagee (bank/lender) is really serious about getting the mortgage arrears up to date. This is a legal enforceable document which means if you do not pay the arrears the mortgagee (bank/lender) can sell your home at mortgagee sale.

They may also take possession of your home and lock you out. If a Property Law Act notice (PLA) expires then the mortgagee (bank/lender's) solicitors will instruct a local real estate and possibly a Valuer to assess your home for mortgagee sale. If the Property Law Act notice (PLA) is not remedied then your property could be sold at a public auction for less than its value and therefore you could lose all your hard earned equity. We strongly recommend you contact your solicitor so they can advise you on the legal implications.


It has to be said that our family is ever grateful for the hard work you put into what was a doomed situation. You managed to save us from losing our house through a mortgagee sale auction. All your time and effort in trying to refinance our mortgage has not gone without heartfelt appreciation and recommendation. Joyce Makalena more


So how can we at Stop Mortgagee Sale help?
We are specialists in dealing with mortgagee's and mortgagee sales since 2001. We have arrangements with reputable non bank and non conforming lenders with interest rates from 6.50%pa (conditions apply). And we can help at each stage of the mortgage arrears process even if the Property Law Act notice (PLA) has expired and your home is up for auction at a mortgagee sale. We will need to assess your financial position and advise you on your options. We understand the stress and anguish that you must be going through and will do our utmost to assist if we can.

With our 'Mortgagor Rescue Package' may be a second mortgage can be applied to repay the mortgage arrears, may be a guarantor. May be a full refinance is required to help you get back on your feet, then refinance back to 'bank rates' at a later date, or sell the property without the stigma of a mortgagee sale.

For many clients we have negotiated with the mortgagee (bank/lender) to have expiry dates extended and liaised with the bank's lawyers to find out other important information to help you. (We do charge an hourly rate for this service, if we negotiate on your behalf)

What we will not do
We will not offer to buy your home.
We will not refer you to someone that will buy your home.
We will not try to sell your home.
We will not offer you a buy back scheme.
We will not work with unregistered mortgage lenders.

Why am I qualified to help you?

I, Steve McGowan can declare that;
I have been a Mortgage Broker/Adviser since 2001 specialising in non bank loans and mortgagee sales.
I am a Financial Adviser under licence of NZFSG (FSP#286965)
I am a member of Financial Services Complaints Limited a dispute resolution scheme in accordance with the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008.
I have current professional indemnity insurance of $2,000,000
I never have had a claim under my professional indemnity insurance.
I never have had a complaint against me from a client.
I never have been accused or convicted of dishonesty or had fraud charges against me.
I never have been bankrupt or discharged bankrupt or had bankruptcy proceedings against me.
I never have been prohibited from being a director of a company.
I never have had a default, collection or judgment against my Credit Report.

Over the last 20 years as a Mortgage Broker and Financial Adviser I have helped save 141 homes for mortgagee sale and saved millions of dollars in equity -

I may be able to help you ....

The above is for information purposes only and not to be taken as advice on your pending mortgagee sale.

For detailed advice on your mortgagee situation and information on mortgagee sales call Steve McGowan - Mortgage Broker/Adviser on 0800 ADVOCO (0800 238 626) for a free consultation.

Call us now on 0800 ADVOCO (0800 238 626) or email us.

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Mortgagee Sale nz
Stop Mortgagee Sale

Mortgagee Sale
Some of the 141 homes Steve has saved from mortgagee sale and the auctioneers hammer!

King George Avenue, Epsom.

Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn.

Khyber Pass, Grafton.

Ivy Place, Birkdale.

Evandale Street, Glen Innes.

Whangaparaoa Road, Whangaparaoa.

Layton Road, Manly.

Kenwick Place, Pakuranga.

Scenic Drive, Swanson.

Port Waikato Road, Tuakau.

Layton Road, Manly.

Eyre Street, Henderson.

Edinburgh Street, Pukekohe.

Ivon Road, East Tamaki.

Hillsborough Road, Mt Roskill.

Israel Avenue, Clover Park.

Dawson Road, East Tamaki.

Howell Street, Mt Roskill.

Lake Road, Devonport.

Rangatira Road, Birkdale.

Levesque Street, Birkdale.

Alidade Place, Massey.

Otaua Road, Waiuku.

Ambler Avenue, Glen Eden.

Trojan Crescent, New Lynn.

Halsey Drive, Lynfield.

Staincross Street, Titirangi.

Camphora Place, Ranui.

Chapman Road, Te Atatu Peninsula.

Tennessee Avenue, Mangere East.

Newham Place, Henderson.

Lockhead Road, Te Puna.

Landette Road, Manurewa.

Brain Road, Kelston.

[ Steve McGowan was interviewed on the front page of the NZ Herald. Mortgagee sale revolt ]
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